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ALSCO Industrial Products, Inc. is a leader in the industrial plastics market. We have one of the largest inventories of corrosion resistant products including Asahi valves and piping systems. We offer over 25 years of thermoplastic and non-metallic experience. Our goals are to provide superior products at a competitive price, to offer practical solutions for the flow, control, and measurement of liquids in the industrial market, and to be a company that is trustworthy and ethical in all aspects of business.

Asahi/America is an industry leader in the plastic valves market. Asahi plastic valves are a dependable and economical way to handle corrosive chemicals. Chemicals including sulfuric and hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid, oxidizing chemicals, caustics, chemical solvents, halogens, and a variety of other hostile fluids. These valves perform at temperatures up to 250ยบ F, pressures up to 230 PSI, and flows up to 18,500 gpm. All Asahi valves meet or exceed ANSI Class 6 shut-off. Asahi valves are available in ball valves (manual and actuated), ball check valves, swing check valves, butterfly valves (manual and actuated), diaphragm valves (manual and actuated), globe valves, gate valves, labcock valves, constant flow valves, and sediment strainers. There are benefits and advantages to using plastic valves versus metal valves in many applications. Check with us for all your plastic needs.


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