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Price: $1,998.00
Item Number: 6748-030
Manufactured by: Asahi
Manufacturer Part No: 3744030/1793030

  Download CAD Specsheet (PDF)

Size Range: 1-1/2" - 4"

Consists of:  

UL-508listed Series 94 Electric Actuator, 120 vac, Open/Close, Nema 4X, 5 seccycle time, 2 end of travel and 2 extra limit switches, manualoverride, factory mount and test to T-57 Butterfly valve.

Note: Brake supplied for 4 valves

Features and Benefits

  • Standardmodel (1-1/2" - 14") has PVC Body and PP Disc for better chemicalresistance at temperatures higher than can be achieved with PVC.
  • Our316/403 stainless steel shaft has full engagement over the entirelength of the disc and is a non-wetted part, totally isolated from themedia.
  • Only solid and abrasion-resistant plastic disc and elastomeric liner are wetted parts.
  • ISO bolt circle on top flange - no body or stem modifications required for accessories.
Features and Benefits
        Motor: Reversing, brushless, capacitor run 115 VAC 50/60 Hz, single phase
        RoHS compliant
        UL-508 approved
        Overload protection: Integral thermal overload protection for motor windings with automatic reset
        Gear train: Permanently lubricated
        Corrosion resistant housing: Zytel FR50 engineered resin with stainless steel trim
        ISO mounting configuration
        Conduit: Two 1/2" NPT conduit entries to eliminate cross feed between control, feedback, and power signals
        Position indication: Highly visible position indicator for positive position of valve, even at a distance
        Declutchable manual override: Push down on handle and rotate in the appropriate direction (CCW for open, CW for close)
        Limit switches: Standard end-of-travel limit switches can beused for light indication (not to be used with PLC for positionconfirmation)
        Corrosion resistant mounting: Mounting is with PPG orstainless steel bracket, stainless steel coupling, and stainless steelhardware
        CE compliant motor: All 115 VAC and 230 VAC motors are CE compliant and stamped as such
        Extended duty cycles: Our extended duty cycles are ideal for modulating and high cycling applications
        Output torque: Series 94 Electric Actuators have an output torque range from 150 in/lbs to 300 in/lbs
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