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Asahi Type 55 Ductile Iron Body Butterfly Valve

Features and Benefits

  • Highly corrosion resistant PTFE disc and
  • Epoxy powder coated ductile iron body for
    corrosive atmosphere or environments
  • Strong but thin disc with high Cv value
  • Stainless steel stem has full engagement over
    the entire length of the disc and is a nonwetted
    part, totally isolated from the media
  • Only PTFE disc and PTFE seat are wetted parts
  • Bubble-tight shut-off
  • Rated for full vacuum service
  • Locking device


  • Sizes: 2" - 10"
  • Models: Wafer Style
  • Operators: Lever: 2" - 5"
  • Gears: 2" - 10"
  • Bodies: Epoxy powder coated ductile cast iron
  • Discs: PTFE
  • Seats: PTFE backed with Neoprene
  • Seals: PTFE backed with Neoprene
  • Stems: Stainless Steel 304


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