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Asahi Type 14 T.U. Diaphragm Valves


Diaphragm valves offer many combinations of body materials and elastomeric diaphragm materials. The valve design is abrasion-resistant and non-clogging. When the diaphragm, which is connected to the stem of the valve by a compressor, is pulled away from the bottom of the valve body or weir, the path of the fluid has a smooth, streamlined flow. Slurries at low pressure that would normally clog most other valve designs easily pass through a diaphragm valve. The valve has a top-entry design, allowing in-line maintenance; it is suitable for throttling and on/off service in applications ranging from water treatment to chemical abrasion processes. Diaphragm valves are operated manually, electrically, or pneumatically.

Features and Benefits

  • True Union design permits installation or repairs without expanding pipeline
  • Rugged square body and bonnet are of solid thermoplastic for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Uniquely designed body and bonnet together with diaphragms of new sealing designs by the state-of-the-art computer aided analysis for superior sealing
  • Weir design for excellent throttling
  • Fully vacuum rated
  • Bubble-tight sealing, even in applications such as slurries or suspended particles
  • Bonnet seals to protect internals from corrosive environments
  • Adjustable travel stop to prevent diaphragm from being over-tightened
  • Bayonet structure to connect compressor and diaphragm for quick maintenance
  • Integrally molded bottom stand for simple yet firm panel mounting
  • Indicator at the top for valve position
  • PVDF gas barrier, which protects EPDM backing cushion from gas permeation, is standard for PVDF valves
  • Low profile

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